One day, I decided to go out and do something meaningful. I had a passion to travel, but let's be honest, how often can we travel? So, I decided to find a painting class, a music class, or anything that could add value and a little change in my otherwise monotonous life. In my opinion there are only 52 weekends in a year that could light some fire in my soul. These weekends should add curiosity in me. My free time should bring me close to making me the best of my potential. But, in a city like Chandigarh, I found nothing.

I thought why? Was there nobody to teach in such a posh city? I don't think so.

Am I weird? Perhaps, but not so much.

The journey ahead was crystal clear - find people and bring them together.

That's what PLAPP is. The platform for passionate people. People who want to learn to do inspiring things or get inspired by people and life!

We think that TV or Internet is fun, but there is more fun hidden in the stories,talents and experiences of people - the people who have a sea-full of goodness immersed in their souls. The ones whose work is inspirational, whose teachings are priceless, and whose story can move even the mountains of our inelastic minds or in simple words, inspire us to take the first step.

So try PLAPP for a day.

If you feel you have a passion to share with the world, tell your story and reach out to enthusiastic people in PLAPP's passionate world.

You could also reach out to our wonderful Operations & Outreach Manager

Minaxi Taneja | 7837316397
Email: minaxi@plapp.in